In this blog, I will be reviewing a movie, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, why this movie? Well it’s because this is the only movie I watched in my life, at least the only one I remember. I watched it two years ago, I was stuck and was forced to watch it in Mr Ortega’s Class, only thing I could do since taking naps were not allowed.

Now for the review, it started off with Miles Morales as the protagonist. living his normal life until he is bitten by a radioactive spider, then his entire life changes. Miles obtains strength, agility, and the ability to shoot webs out of his wrist, with his web shooting powers eventually being enhanced by web shooters later on in the story. Miles continuing his strange life he eventually comes to the shocking conclusion, he became the second Spiderman at the age of 14, or so he thought. Then he goes on to fight against Kingpin with a bunch of other Spidermen and Spiderwomen caused by Kingpin manipulating dimensions, triggering them to teleport to Miles dimension, as they progress in the story they defeat Kingpin to restore dimensions back to normal. I also really like the animation, it’s really different from anything I’ve seen.

I would give this movie a 7/10, which is really good because I don’t like movies, and I usually give any other movie a 2 or 3 out of 10. The actor I liked, well I think is, Shamiek Moore who is Miles Morales in the Spiderverse Movie. He is a young multifaceted singer, actor and dancer and well on his way to leave his mark in the industry.

This marks the end of the blog, see all of you later.

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  1. I think I saw this at Refugio Park before Covid. I was distracted but maybe I need to watch again so I can appreciate it.


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