Student Writer: Thanksgiving!

Hey everyone, today I am going to talk about Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is pretty good in my opinion. Not my favorite holiday but it is always a day to remember because of how much food there always is. I eat Thanksgiving with my family. And there is always something delicous to eat. I’m guessing whatever food you are thinking about right now is gonna be one of the dishes being served for Thanksgiving.

Classic Thanksgiving Menu and Recipes

Another one of the reasons I like Thanksgiving is because we are able to spend time with family. We are able to meet with family that we may not have seen in a long time. But either way it’s a family bonding time in general.

How to Make Peace with Your Family | by Elizabeth Marchetti | P.S. I Love  You

I know this blog was short but I still want eveyone to have a great Thanksgiving! And happy holidays in case I dont see you before then. Goodbye!

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