Election night was stressful, funny, boring, entertaining, basically all of it. The electoral votes was going back and forth but there was one point where Biden had a huge lead on Trump.

Election night is where you find out the president for the next four years, based off of electoral votes. Electoral votes are whether you decide the president. This is how you get electoral votes; you get them by if you won the state by votes. Say you and me were running for president, if you get 5,000,000 votes from California but I get 4,000,000, you win that state and get the electoral votes. For California, you get 55 votes, but each state has different votes, but some are the same. You need 270 electoral votes to win as president.

But this election is different. Trump was losing by a large margin so he made an excuse that this election is fixed or rigged. But I can see why he thinks that because over one night, Biden got like 300,000 votes but Trump got 0, but that was only in one state. So what if he cheated even if Trump won that state, Biden still will have enough electoral votes to win because the final score was 306 – 232.

At the end, Biden won as president and will move into the White House on January 20th. (Which is called Inauguration Day)

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