Hello, my name is Samnit, and welcome back to the Teaching Titans blog. In this post I will be talking about the history of Thanksgiving and what we people often do to celebrate Thanksgiving. But, before we do anything else I have a question for you, What are you thankful for?

The History

Thanksgiving, also known as the harvest festival, is a holiday that was first celebrated in 1621 when the pilgrims had a feast after their first harvest in the New World. People often call this the “First Thanksgiving”. Ever since that day we Americans and Canadians have been celebrating it.

Thanksgiving Feast

When you have Thanksgiving with your family, what do you eat? Well, lots of people like to have foods like mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, and more. But what is the main course most of the time is the turkey.

Other Traditions

Some other traditions that people participate in are to write down or share what people are thankful for. People also like to make cornucopias filled with seasonal plants and flowers, vegetables, and fruits. Other people also like to talk and interact with the people who showed up to their place to celebrate Thanksgiving with them, and with the people who are faraway relatives.

Thank you for reading this blog post!

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