If you are wondering what happens in Election Night, its when when the votes are being counted and everyone is waiting for the election result on Election Day. This year, I felt like it was more intense. I would literally check the polls every hour or so and see who wins each state. People have their own opinions but I wanted Trump out of office like many other people for obvious reasons.

US Presidential Election 2020 by state: Biden vs Trump results map | Biden  wins presidency - AS.com

On social media, I’ve seen that many people were predicting that the President will be reelected which made things intense. After Biden won the election, Trumps wanted people to recount the votes. I feel like he just wants things his way but that is not how life works. Like I said, many people have their own opinions and this was my perspective of this election.

Futurama Fry Meme - Imgflip

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