Student Writer: Election Night

Hello, welcome back to the Teaching Titans Blog. My name is Samnit and today our topic is Election Night.

What happened on Election Night?

This year on November 3rd, we got the chance to elect a president in the United States of America. On the news they were showing the amount of votes that each candidate was getting. I was so surprised to see that the election was so close. I also didn’t expect Donald Trump to win as many states as he did.

What did I do on Election Night?

On election night I really didn’t do anything apart from watch the news. I also just checked on my phone how many states each candidate won.

What did I see on social media

On social media I saw a bunch of posts about how surprised everyone was that Trump did as well as he did. I also saw a bunch of things about how Joe Biden should stay ready for Trump’s attack.

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