This week was election week, this is where we would see the results on if the propositions will be enforced and who will be the president. This week I’m going to be talking about what I did for election night! First of all here are pictures of the main people running, Joe Biden and Donal Trump.

During election night my family watched it. We talked about who we wanted to win and why. For dinner we had dim sum. It was very interesting watching it because you didn’t know which states were gonna vote for who. Some states even switched from who they normally vote for. Eventually we had to go to bed but luckily there was still more voting for the next day.

If you don’t know what election night is, it’s a night where only counting votes is on the news. We get to decide who wins and becomes the president, Trump is a democrat which is red and Biden is a republican and that is blue. Each states have a certain amount of votes and those votes are what determines who wins. If your state has a larger population of people then you will have more votes, if your state has less people your state won’t have as many votes. To win and become president you need 270 votes. If you wanna know how many electoral votes each state has then click this link.

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