Trump and Biden address supporters on Election Night

This blog post will be covering what my family and I did for the 2020 election . My family liked both parties. Some people were supporting Joe Biden and some were supporting Donald Trump. I was personally in the middle. Both the President and former Vice-President seemed all right to me.

Our family started the party when my Grandparents had arrived. My Grandpa was really into it so my dad put on the elections as soon he arrived. My Grandma started helping my Mom and my Aunty cook for dinner. We were going to having chips and tacos. The rest of my family watched the elections. That included: my Dad, Uncle, My Grandfathers, my Brother, and my Cousin. Soon my Mom and my Aunty joined us to watch the election.

My Uncle and my Cousin are still having a bet about who will win the Election. They both agreed on $200. That is a lot of money so it was intense to watch. No one has got the money because while writing this blog the Elections are still going on.

Soon it was time for dinner. So my family took a break from watching the Elections and started getting ready to eat. While we were eating all of us were still thinking who would in. It was pretty close. My grandma said that the results would tomorrow so don’t get too exited. Then we all ate and we were back to watching the Elections

Ten Reasons to Eat Together with your Family - Warwick Marsh

After watching the Elections were all getting bored so my Mom made tea for my family. Then everyone was getting ready to go home.

Thank you for reading!!!! Hope to see you soon and stay safe.

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