Hello to all who reads this it’s Kamilah. Today I will be talking about Brian T. Carroll even though he didn’t make it to the election 😦 so many people said things like he wont win, someone even made a page about that which is rude: rude link. I got some of my information from link 1and a some more from link 2.

Brian T. Carroll - Wikipedia

Brian T. Carroll was a teacher was a teacher for 40 years and got a Bachelor of Arts degree in History (If you don’t know what that is then here click) He taught history to 7th and 8th graders. Brian T. Carroll is married to Vicki Carroll and they have been married for 46 years. Brian has 5 children and 14 grandchildren, he has mostly lived in California but he has lived in other places as well. Brian is a christian and strongly supports politics. He took a survey about the election and these were his answers(I copied and pasted here is the link to it click!!)

What would be your top three priorities, if elected?

“Climate protection, healthcare for all, and protection of life from conception to natural death[3][4]”

What areas of public policy are you personally passionate about? Why?

“I view life issues broadly to protect not just the unborn and the elderly, but all of those in need of healthcare, regardless of economic status. It also includes protection of our climate, without which there is no life. I have spent 40 years as a classroom teacher, never knowing which of my students might be in the country without documents. In the farmlands around my little community, 80% to 90% of the field workers are estimated to be undocumented, yet these are the people who feed our country. We must find better policies to cover immigration. As a teacher, I also see how many of our educational practices are designed more to help technology and publishing companies sell their products than to serve our students, their families, and the communities where they will live as adults.

These are just a few of his answers, If you want to see more than here is the link again brian T carrols answers

That’s it for today I will see you next time 😉

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