Hey everyone, I understand that social distancing canceled trick or treating. So people may have trouble finding other things to do for this Halloween. That’s where I come in. I have some ideas that you can do for social distance Halloween.

  1. Trick or treat at your house! For this idea you could do the traditional Halloweeen experience but in the safety of your own home. You could decorate your house however you want it. Like normal Halloween. But then you could dress up in your costumes, and go to a some rooms in the house, and maybe a parent or guardian can be the person handing out the candy. It really doesnt matter who plays what role,
  2. Have a Halloween party! This classic but fun idea can help bring you joy in this COVID filled world. What you could do is have a speaker, food, drinks, and of course some family (you cant have to many people because it could spread the virus quicker). You could jam at home on Halloween night having a great time while still in quarantine!
  3. Watch some movies! This idea is simple and fun. You can hang out with family and friends (remember not to many), you can find some scary, or funny movies. Now the place and time is completelty up to you for all of these ideas.

These ideas are all up to you, if you want to do them or not. But im just here to give you any ideas incase you needed some. Thank you for reading my blog! Have a great day and Happy Halloween!

Halloween: Origins, Meaning & Traditions - HISTORY
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