Brought to you by Teaching Titans, Student Writer: Hayden

Now I know Halloween is over, but I’d have a costume idea especially for social distancing even though the pandemic will most likely be over soon and Halloween is next year. I’d say well, here’s a thing. Anyone can do this and you can get this for free too. PUT ON A MASK(here’s why), it is simple and will make your costume very fashionable and safe, trust me it ensures your safety, fashion, and style. Now it doesn’t matter what kind of mask, as long as it keeps you safe from Covid-19, you should be fine. My mask this Halloween was this one. TiTa-Dong Halloween Cosplay Half Face Mask,Evil Ghost Face  Kabuki Samurai Costume Mask for Halloween Costume Party,Airsoft Paintball  Game: Clothing
This Mask was Jin Sakai’s, from Ghost of Tsushima, a Playstation Game Exclusive Protagonist. This isn’t exactly his mask but it looks like it.

Anyway, this marks the end of the Halloween Post, please put on a mask whether it’s Halloween or not. As long as it keeps everyone and yourself safe, goodbye friends. I will fade into the darkness.

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