During Halloween, you just want to trick or treat without a worry. But, this year will be complicated. Due to this virus, social distancing is now apart of our safety and health. If you still have the Halloween spirit, you would really want to trick or treat. SO, I will give you tips for trick or treating during these hard times.

Mask orders: Breakdown of orders in Harris and surrounding counties - ABC13  Houston
  1. Always wear a mask

I know a mask would probably not match with your costume but you will still have to wear it for everyone safety. Maybe, you can dress up as a doctor for Halloween to match the mask with the outfit. As long if you are wearing a mask and keeping space between people, you will be perfectly fine.

2. Giving out candy

If you are expecting many people at your door, you can put lines of tape six feet apart. You can also put a clear shield in front of the door and let others pick their own candy. But, just remember to sanitize our hand and wear gloves if needed.

3.Don’t celebrate it

If you are concerned about your safety, you will more likely just stay home and watch horror movies on the couch. You can even wait till next year if there is less worry. But, make sure to put a sign at the door if you don’t want people ringing your doorbell all night.

Hershey's sends Halloween candy to stores a full month earlier than  expected - Business Insider

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