Hello, welcome back to another blog post. Halloween is coming up this weekend and with the pandemic still on the rise I’m going to be giving Social Distancing Halloween Ideas. Make sure to be safe since Covid is on the rise.

A lot of people throw parties on Halloween which isn’t that safe this year since you might not know where everyone has been. If you wanna throw a party for Halloween I think you should really limit how many people can go and make sure everyone has got tested negative, another suggestion is to make it an outdoor party. These options could prevent the virus from spreading through large groups of people.

Most people go trick or treating on Halloween night, this can give out a lot of germs if your’e touching candies from random people. I don’t think many people are going to go trick or treating this year but if you are heres a suggestion so that you can be safe. One thing you should do to help yourself is by having a travel sized hand sanitizer with you. You could use that frequently so your hands are clean. Also try your best to social distance but you should always be doing that.

I hope you have an amazing Halloween this year and make sure to be safe.

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