Halloween this year is definitely going to be a different Halloween from past years. We all know about covid- 19 forcing us the stay at home and quarantine. But that doesn’t mean we still can’t have fun during these spooky times!

Celebrating Halloween Safely | Children's Hospital Colorado

Heading out and trick or treating is sadly off the table for some states but here in California the covid rates have been thankfully on the lower side. 

Now let’s say you don’t feel so comfortable walk in your street with covid-19 still existing, that doesn’t mean this year Halloween is over for you.

Scary thought: Parents worried COVID-19 could cancel Halloween 2020 |  National Post

As we all know you can always hand out candy to the trick or treaters that come to you door, or simply do something more at home like watch a Halloween movie with you family. 

Here are some other fun ideas to do! 

Trick or Treat Drive By– Take a ride on over to visit friends and family in costume! Honk, text or shout upon arrival and deliver some treats or tricks in costume to your fave folks!Neighborhood

Candy Hunt–   A trick or treat treasure map can point to all the goodies or just let ‘em run wild and discover strategically placed stashes of sweets! Make sure to lay the ground rules to keep social distancing guidelines in place!

Halloween: Origins, Meaning & Traditions - HISTORY

Neighborhood Parade– Organize a neighborhood costume parade where the route is predetermined and marked to maintain safe distances between participants. Stay safe by incorporating sanitize stations, yellow caution tape, 6ft sidewalk stickers/tape, age group signs and more!

Family pet parade– Talk about a new tradition! Take to the streets with your furry friends and take part in a social distancing pet parade! Dog treats go to the best costume!

Free Halloween Poster Templates Download - SL-Inspiration

Boo Bags– Here’s a fun filled alternative to traditional trick or treating! Fill a Boo Bag with fun treats and deliver anonymously to someone’s doorstep! Your friends, family and neighbors can pass it forward by creating a Boo Bag for someone else. Folks like CVS and Target are offering Boo Bags with instructions or you can create your own!


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