This Blog will be about Joe Jorgensen, a candidate for US President in the 2020 Election. Her running mate to accompany her is Spike Cohen, her Party is the Libertarian Party, she is currently 63 years old, born on May 1st, 1957, born in Libertyville, Illinois, raised in the neighboring Grayslake.

Joe Jorgensen had worked as a marketing representative for IBM before launching a software sales business in North Carolina, 1983. After getting the hard work done with her children, Joe Jorgensen started a consulting company and earned her Ph.D. in industrial and organizational psychology from Clemson University in 2002. She, therefore, ran for South Carolina Congressional District in 1992 and Vice President of the United States four years later in 1996.

Joe Jorgensen had previously served as the Greenville County Chair, state vice-chair, and national marking director for the Libertarian Party.

Jo Jorgensen by Gage Skidmore 3 (50448627641).jpg
This is Jo Jorgensen

However personal saying, I don’t think she’ll get to be a President because of how most people hate the fact of having a Female President, which I don’t get why.

Jo Jorgensen’s Presidential Campaign is a framed alternative to the Republican and Democratic parties, she said she had created trillion-dollar deficits and also said it led to the involvement of inexpensive and deadly foreign wars. Big government mandates and programs led to the creation of these problems, to solve them we need to make the government much smaller Jo Jorgenson said. 

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But Jojo Jorgensama or myself will be saying my goodbye’s and this will mark the end of the Blog Post Bruddas.

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