Student Writer: Teacher Interview.


Hello! Welcome back to another blog post. In this blog post it will be about an interview with one of my teachers. Here is what happened in the conversation:

Hello ___Mr. Glatzer___, I’m interviewing a teacher this week for Film and Multimedia. I’ll be posting the interview on I would like to send you __3___ questions for you to give a short response to, but I would need the answers by Friday. The questions will be about school and distance learning. Would you please consider taking part in this assignment with me? I appreciate your consideration, _Melody Chen__. Questions will be sent after you receive this.

He replied with saying that he was already interviewed by someone so he said if they were the same questions then I should find another teacher. Then I told him that they were different. So he agreed to do it. Here are the questions-

1. Would you rather teach at school, or online?

2. Has it been hard for you to teach online?

3. Do you enjoy teaching online?

The he replied with-

1. I like different things about in-person school vs. distance learning. I would rather teach in-person (when it’s safe) because it’s easier to have a better connection with students and the in-person interaction allows for more activities.

2. It has not been hard for me because I’ve been using Google Classroom for almost everything for the past few years. I think distance learning overall is much improved this year vs. last year.

3. Although it is not the same as in-person school, I do enjoy teaching online. There are some things which are better about it, such as having a lot more flexibility. Also, being able to attend meetings via video conference is pretty convenient. 

Teacher Interview Questions (What will they ask you?)

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Devin says:

    I just realized we did the same teacher lol. The teachers always have good answers to our questions. Nice choice.


    1. mel0dych3n says:

      Yeah, when I emailed him he literally said “Devin already asked me, so if you have the same questions, you should find someone else.”


      1. mel0dych3n says:

        It was pretty funny.


  2. cyncere says:

    very good review and interesting to read


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