Hello! Welcome back to another blog post. In this blog post it will be about an interview with one of my teachers. Here is what happened in the conversation:

Hello ___Mr. Glatzer___, I’m interviewing a teacher this week for Film and Multimedia. I’ll be posting the interview on TeachingTitans.com. I would like to send you __3___ questions for you to give a short response to, but I would need the answers by Friday. The questions will be about school and distance learning. Would you please consider taking part in this assignment with me? I appreciate your consideration, _Melody Chen__. Questions will be sent after you receive this.

He replied with saying that he was already interviewed by someone so he said if they were the same questions then I should find another teacher. Then I told him that they were different. So he agreed to do it. Here are the questions-

1. Would you rather teach at school, or online?

2. Has it been hard for you to teach online?

3. Do you enjoy teaching online?

The he replied with-

1. I like different things about in-person school vs. distance learning. I would rather teach in-person (when it’s safe) because it’s easier to have a better connection with students and the in-person interaction allows for more activities.

2. It has not been hard for me because I’ve been using Google Classroom for almost everything for the past few years. I think distance learning overall is much improved this year vs. last year.

3. Although it is not the same as in-person school, I do enjoy teaching online. There are some things which are better about it, such as having a lot more flexibility. Also, being able to attend meetings via video conference is pretty convenient. 

Teacher Interview Questions (What will they ask you?)


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