I have interviewed one of the Hercules Middle School teachers by the name of Mr. Chan-Law. Here is the full conversation.

What is easier, Online learning, or Teaching in person?

There is nothing easy with either type of teaching format.  A couple strategies about online learning that made the transition smoother and less stressful was the District providing us with adequate preparation time built in to each school day.  The other was a flexible schedule for students and teachers that provides time for Advisory, Office Hours, and Wellness Fridays.    

What is the most difficult thing in online learning?

Whenever we use technology, especially now that we are more dependent on it, there would be issues that arise, such as internet connectivity, online security, digital privacy, and so on.  We do our best to fix any potential technology problems, but we have limited resources and that can be a challenge.  I’m glad the District is working hard to improve our online learning experience.    

Which do you like more? Online Learning or Teaching in person?

I like both forms of teaching and learning.  I like that distance learning allows me to work from home or anywhere with internet connectivity.  It provides me more time to prepare my lessons and I learn a lot as well through the new technology tools that I’m using.  Teaching in person gives me the opportunity to interact with students directly and not just through a computer screen.  I believe students learn Math better when it is taught in person rather than simply online.  I think a hybrid model could be a benefit, not just one over the other.   

What would you rather do, Online learning, or Teaching in person?  

I would prefer a hybrid model where I am allowed to do both.  


  1. There is nothing easy about either format means Mr Chan-Law wins the quote of the year contest!
    Nice interview


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