I have asked Coach Bodwin a set of 3 questions to answer. Coach Bodwin is the new PE teacher for the 8th grade. We are still trying to know him more so I decided to ask him three questions. Here are his answers to my questions below:

1. What would you do to social distance students if we go back to physical school?

“Hopefully, the school has taken measures such as staggering the total numbers of  people on campus. PE is a class that tends to allow for more distancing because we have bigger space, but 50+ students would be challenging, even outdoors. We probably wouldn’t be able to use or share any equipment, so we would be doing a lot of exercise and walking. “

2.How would you keep your students engaged in breakout rooms?

 “Break out rooms are challenging because teachers can’t be in all of them at once. I believe you have to give students directions and something to keep them engaged. I also try to be mindful of who students are grouped with because that can affect engagement. I tend to use breakout rooms to split up the entire group so I can talk to students one-on-one if I need to. I have actually been impressed with the majority of my students and the efforts they are making with all the challenges distance learning provides.”

3.What advice would you give to your students if we go back to physical school?

“My best advice would be: I know we are all dealing with quarantine fatigue and want things to go back to normal, but we are amidst a pandemic and ignoring it or pretending it’s not an issue is not safe. Masks, distancing, hand washing, building a strong immune system, and self-monitoring for symptoms are our best defenses. If we go back at all, it’s going to be different. We are in a marathon against the virus, not a sprint. It won’t take much for another spike in cases if people don’t take care.”

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