Hello everyone, I’ll be interviewing my teacher, Mr.Owens, on online school and distance learning! I asked him three questions on distance learning, here are the questions and his answers.

1. Is it more difficult teaching online?

  • Online teaching is SO difficult! It’s hard to make a connection with students. It’s hard to check-up on student work the same way as I can by just walking around a classroom. Everything has technical necessities and therefore assignments are constantly getting hijacked by technology difficulties. 

2. Would you prefer distance-learning or regular school?

  • I would love to be back in regular school, IF it was safe for all of us to return.

3. How do you deal with misbehaving students?

  • The first thing I’m concerned with is my students’ social emotional well-being. When students misbehave in distance learning, there are many components for me to consider. First of all, they’re in their home and have their family around them so who knows what’s going on in the household that may have affected the student’s behavior during video instruction. Another thing I think about is whether the student was doing something hurtful, or just not following guidelines. This makes a difference, because while the second option may simply mean the student needed to act out a little and a reminder is all that’s needed, the first option means that another student or other students were potentially hurt and their needs will need to be addressed. Ideally, I’d like for any behavior that isn’t appropriate for school to be the beginning of a dialogue between myself, the student, and their parents, so we can make sure there aren’t any misunderstandings and to make sure the all parties feel that the classroom is a safe environment for the child.

This it for today, it was fun interviewing! Thank you all, and have good day! Bye.

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