Hey everyone, today’s blog post is going to be about my interview with an HMS teacher! His name is Mr Moran and he is an 8th grade math teacher! I asked him 3 questions about distance learning! Here are the questions I gave him and his answers!

1. Is  there any way you would improve distance learning? If so, what is it?

The best way to improve distance learning would be to have smaller classes, so that we could give students the personal attention and feedback that they need.
Since we can’t afford to do that, we need to strengthen the partnership between families and teachers. As teachers, we are very limited in our ability to motivate students and keep them on track. Families are more important than ever. How can we support families in supporting their students?

2. How would you feel about going back to physical school in the coming month?

My answer has two parts. I would LOVE to go back on campus IF IT IS SAFE. I miss interacting with students in person, especially when so many students have their cameras off. HOWEVER, it is not worth risking even one life to do so. Until the level of disease in our communities goes down, it is not safe to have school in person.

3.Do you like distance learning? Why or why not?

I do NOT like distance learning. I miss the personal interactions with my students and I feel that too many students are “checking out”. In the classroom, I can get them back on track, but that is much more difficult with distance learning. One good thing, however, is the time for Office Hours. Several students have been coming regularly and are improving greatly!

I actually agree with most of his answers! They all made complete sense. Distance learning is still something most kids are getting used to, and its fine! Its something new. And im pretty sure we wont be in distance learning forever, its just a safer way to stay in school until coronavirus dies down a bit. Anyway thank you all for reading! Have a great day! Bye!

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