Hello, and welcome back to the Teaching Titans blog. My name is Samnit and in this blog post I will be having an interview with a teacher at Hercules Middle School. The teacher I am interviewing is a PE teacher, Ms. Barrett. Let’s start the interview!

Interview Question #1

Interviewer: 1. What has been the biggest challenge during online school?

Ms. Barrett: My biggest challenge in online school has been keeping up with an increased workload. I have more assignments to create which means I have more assignments to grade. I have more email to answer which gets in the way of grading. And, there is the unrealistic expectation from students and families that I can grade all assignments immediately.

Interviewer: 2. What has been your favorite part of online school?

Ms. Barrett: My favorite part of online school has been using different resources to guide conversations about Health. I always want to include this for in-person school, but never seem to find the time to make it a consistent part of my PE classes.

Interviewer: 3. Do you think that most students are able to adapt to online school?

Ms. Barrett: I think it’s too early to tell if students, or teachers, have adapted to online school. For most classes, using technology is a familiar method to do assignments, so students don’t have to adapt to anything new for school work. But, even with familiarity there is a disconnect from students: cameras are off, answers are rarely said – typed into Chat instead, students aren’t even waving at each other in Zoom meetings. 

Interviewer: Thank you for your cooperation!

That was my interview with Ms. Barrett, if you liked this blog post check some other ones on the Teaching Titans blog. Anyways, goodbye.

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