Hello, my name is Hayden. *

I am a common nonspecial individual, there is nothing special about me, just a dark person from the shadows of the past, everything I do that’s bad, I make up for and do better. Otherwise known as the wake of humanity, improvement.

Creating Continuous Improvement Within Transportation | Kuebix TMS Software

I am just some gamer but I’ll explain my personality, strengths, and weaknesses since that’s all I got. Before when I wrote this I was lying since nobody knows the true me, I keep it secret.

I am that one person who’s quiet, shy, and has the mood that always seems like you’re sad, but not, kind of type. Generally, I just play video games online, nothing special I have no dream, no life, or achievement or anything, but the future is waiting.

I wish I did, but when I think about it, I feel very empty like as if I have nothing to think about. I have no hobbies or anything really or some sort of plan or dream for the future it just seems like I play games with my buddies and nothing else.

I have no strengths or weaknesses I am just a sad and ridiculously quiet person, only for the future I look up to awaits.

That is all, I have nothing to say, in short, I am the known quiet kid.

Connecting With A Quiet Kid | Everyday Jewish Living | OU Life

(Thanks for reading Hayden, Student Writer for Teaching Titans….) I can’t put any pictures above for error reasons, sorry for the inconvenience, goodbye and good night. I fly away, to the sky.

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  • – Please read and listen, do not judge. These are the internal thoughts of a middle school student. Comment, respond, but listen.

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