Hot Girl Semester is the new Hot Girl Summer | Metro News

Our life has definitely come to a complete stop!!! Our school life. GONE! Our social life. GONE! Our outside life. GONE! The past seven months have been wild. We’ve been stuck in the house doing nothing for the past SEVEN MONTHS. Welcome to the life of quarantine.

The coronavirus has everybody’s life messed up from kids being out of school to people losing their jobs. Kids have started online school for the first time or maybe the second or third time. Online school isn’t really as easy as it seems believe it or not. Its really not easy when you have a schedule to follow or when you have 3-6 zoom meetings all day Monday-Friday.

My back to school online experience has been OK for the most part. Doing school online is fun but it’s weird not seeing your friends and teachers everyday on school days. One thing that is cool about online school is that you can leave class anytime you want for the most part you just have to know if your teacher is going to let you back in or not, unlike in real life you have to sit in uncomfortable chairs and stay there because if you leave you can get in a lot of trouble for that.

One thing that I don’t like about online school is that you have to wake up at a certain time everyday Monday through Friday. I have to start my classes at 10:00 everyday and that makes a person tired very fast. The first part of my online school experience was bad because I got in trouble for arguing with a person twice. My online school experience is a whole lot better now then it was during the first week of school. It’s a lot of work for the most part but it’s very easy so it’s very much worth it. Online school is pretty fun.

Hope your enjoying you quarantine!!

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