First of all especially during online classes and quarantine majorly impacting all of us it’s hard to use time wisely, especially when people don’t have a lot of time now that school and quarantine are around.

4 Ways to Manage Your Time Wisely As a High School Student

First of all, to start in using your time wisely at a time like this, set time-specific goals, like when your zoom class is starting or when your fun starts. If you forget things easily make a to-do list and prioritize it smartly, make sure to review it and for tomorrow plan it and use deadlines.

Allow time for distractions but like little breaks. And, I don’t mean scroll on Instagram or snap-on Snap chat for like two hours. Be a go-getter to your goal, not a procrastinator. From self-experience I failed a lot of my classes to procrastination, I do not recommend you do that at all.

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Say no and do it, define your prime time especially when you need your relaxation time. If possible, use it to reward yourself especially after a long day to relieve your stress.

Anyway, that’s it. I hope this helps especially during these very hard times. Be sure to utilize your time and track your progress even if it’s not perfect. Try to be the better than yesterday and improve, goodbye and goodnight. (Signing off Hayden Blogger from Teaching Titans.)

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