This year just like most years in my school district  I returned to school in August.  I was going to be in 8th grade this year and It was a special year because it was going to be my last year of middle school and from then on I’ll be in high school.  So I was pretty surprised to hear that I wasn’t going to school at all and that I wasn’t  even going to meet my teachers in person. I knew that Covid 19 was really bad but I didn’t think it was bad enough to stop my whole school from proceeding on a very safe extent.

When I started to do online school  I found myself running into many problems.  Problems like  being very laggy because of all the Internet use in the house and not being  comfortable sitting in front of a computer that’s not head level all day. Some ways I found to counter these problems are doing things like  Waiting for my 2 siblings to get done with their homework before I do my homework or hooking my chrome book up to my monitor so I’m not looking down all day so my neck doesn’t hurt.

If you and your family don’t have anything to do on a weekend or a weeknight somethings you can do are like setting up a zoom call for you and your extended family or doing everyday things that you don’t normally take part in like cooking, one last thing you can do in your household is to see how long you and your siblings can go without your electronic devices. That’s all for me (Gabriel as student writer for Teaching Titans) today. Thanks for reading!

9 school year essentials for students returning during the coronavirus  pandemic - CNN

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