Back to school, it’s fantastic but still difficult, the virtual year is somewhat confusing and very different from what I’m used to.

Starting from the beginning it was a bumpy experience, for now, I like online school overall at least. But we’re only a month in at school, I haven’t gotten used to the change so I can’t say I like online school completely yet.

Expectations for Online Student Behavior Vary During Coronavirus School  Closures

It’s hard for myself since I’m different from others, I deal with stress very differently, nothing isn’t bad for me except the algorithms. For instance, if you waver or fail with one little assignment it’ll have a very fatal effect on your grade, you can go from an A+ to an F with one minor fail on a single assignment. It’s painfully stressful that failing one assignment could impact everything within an instant, even if it’s just a little sum of points.

The good side is that it’s been incredibly easy, it just takes hard work and effort. Just with all the assignments being thrown at you it’s pretty easy to lose one assignment and like I said losing one is death to your grade. What’s also marvelous about virtual classes is that I learn things way easier and efficiently, if I miss something from zoom I can go back to it since most of my teachers record the zoom or google meets call, kind of creepy. 

That’s all folks, there isn’t that much to say about back to school except being a much more stressful and a teeny bit easier, I can’t cover much of back to school anymore, I’m just one month in and I got a whole year front of me, see you soon!

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