I’ve scheduled Aug. 31 and Sept. 2, from 12-1pm, as the days that I’ll be checking out books and equipment for students.

Year 1 students,

you’ll need to come by to check out your Video textbook. This will also be the time to check-out a camcorder if you don’t have anything to create videos with (camcorder, cell phone, Ipad, etc.

Year 2 students,

once you’ve decided which media to focus on we’ll know which items you’ll need to check out. See the list below:

  • – Bloggers, you’ve got what you need
  • – Podcasters, I’ve got microphones and headphones, microphone desk stands.
  • – YouTubers, you’ll check-out one book. You can also check out camcorders and tripods if equipment is available.
  • – Video/Journalism, you’ll be able to check out camcorders, tripods, cellphone stabilizers.
  • – Short filmers, you’ll have one textbook. Further equipment will be checked out later when you start filming. If any Year 2 students have another idea that’s not listed above, please email me so we can discuss your options. I’m open to suggestions.

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