I hadn’t planned on explaining my decision. But since students have asked, I’ll share my response:

I kept everyone’s percentage, but gave all students an A. My assignments are created for students to master their topics, and I expect students to work on them as best they can in MY CLASSROOM. Since we were not able to finish the semester as planned, I graded students on taking part in lessons and on what they’re all capable of doing. All my students are capable of earning an A, if given the support they each need.

I kept each students’ percentage as they are because I did want parents and students to have the ability to see them. I want students to understand the potential that I see in all of them and I truly wish I could have done a better job of supporting them during our online education break.

I refuse to try to make some form of biased judgement on what I think each student may or may not have done if my support was available in my classroom. Some students were able to get support they needed online, but I know many were not. Many students that need support do not ask for it, and asking, “Do you need help?” isn’t commonly answered with a, “Yes,” even when necessary. I hope parents will support this decision. Don’t hesitate to share with me any concerns or questions you may have, I understand there may be other viewpoints.

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