This is all from what was posted on Google Classroom so parents can stay up to date too.

Assignments are voluntary, they will not be part of the gradebook nor count for any extra credit.

For 6th and 8th Grade ELA classes:

Hello all, welcome to another week at home! I’d like students to continue reading their Fun Read Book. When you finish, challenge yourself with a book that is a different genre than you’re used to. When you finish reading the book, see if you can find a movie or show adaptation to compare it to. You’ll find many readers always say the same thing, “The book was better.”

I’ve put up an assignment on Listenwise for student to continue practicing their listening skills. “School Closures” is a short article about schools being closed around the world because of the virus; something we can all certainly relate to! Remember assignments are not mandatory, and there will be no grade or extra credit points awarded for your work. I hope students take some time to continue their learning, if possible. I understand many students may not be able to during this difficult time.

I’ll score all the remaining Q3 assignments from before the break. There’s no word about any dates changing for Q3, so at this time it will still end on Friday, Mar. 27.

Take care, I miss you all.

For Film and Multimedia Year 1

Hello all,

This week we would have started doing podcasts! Take a look at the links below. I’d love for students to start listening to some podcasts to get an idea about how they operate. Use the link below to find a few podcasts to listen to and enjoy.

Try to listen to the podcast with an ear for production details. When are they playing music and sounds? Listen for any dead air – that means there’s no sound or anything. How fast paced are the speakers? Let’s check back in next week and see if anyone is ready to jump in and create their own podcast! It could be a great way to share our experiences during this time – kind of an online audio journal.

Take care and stay safe. I miss you all very much.

The links mentioned above can be found here: Podcasts for kids, and How to Create a Podcast.

For FIlm and Multimedia year 2

Hello everyone,

We’ve got so many people doing so many projects, let’s open it up to anything and everything. Let me know what you’re interested in trying and I’ll help you with some resources.

Whatever you’ve been focusing on, try something different for a little change of pace. Record some videos, start a podcast, do some blogging, etc.

Let me know if you need any help, AND definitely share your work with me here so we can get the word out for you to get some readers/listeners/viewers!

Let those creative spirits run wild.

Take care and stay safe, I miss you all terribly.

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