Hello students. All work over the break will not be scored nor is it mandatory, therefore I cannot reasonably expect for you to continue working on reading the novel and completing the work that accompanies each chapter. Please continue reading, depending on how many days we lose, we may not continue reading it as a class. If we do continue reading “The Lightning Thief” then you’ll be ahead!

I would like students to do the following over the break, if possible:

  1. Read your Fun Book, pick up another and keep going. Keep your journal work so you can use them later for points. If you don’t read your Fun Book or keep the journal, you’ll have time to do it later in class.
  2. Explore the link to the Google Drive for Roll Playing Games I’ve added on Google Classroom. Play a few games with family members, the rules are all included. Our next unit was going to involve creative writing and I thought it would be fun to have groups create their own RPGs.
  3. Keep in contact with each other. Let’s try and be positive and help each other wherever we can. Your experience during this difficult time may be easier than another student; have some empathy for the struggle that others are going through.
  4. Don’t forget, I care about each of you and hope that you and your families are staying safe. We’ll make it through this, though it may be difficult.

I’ll continue posting updates on Google Classroom, I’m always available for questions.

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