UPDATE: For parents and Students

Hello to all of you,
This is the newest information that has come out. It completely changes student and teacher schedules over the next two weeks.
Please read, teachers have been sent the following updated instructions:

​To be clear, this means that you WILL NOT:

Take student attendance

Require your students to turn in any assignments

Give grades

Give extra credit for work done or penalize students for work not done

This means that you can:

Support students with their learning over the next 2 weeks

​There will be no homework for students assigned, nor will any work be due during the next two weeks. I will accept late or missing work and will add it to the gradebook, but I believe that this may also mean there’s going to be a delay for the Q3 grading schedule.

Again, no further work will be assigned or due, but you may complete and submit work already assigned. No work is mandatory at this time.​

To support student learning, I’d like for students to continue reading their fun read books, maybe try an audio book or two. I’ll check to see what support I can offer next week.

Take care of your families. My thoughts are with you,

Caleb Owens

ELA, Film & Multimedia Teacher


Hercules Middle School

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