Hello to all of you,

These are going to be difficult times and I hope, first of all, that you are keeping yourselves safe. I’d also like for us all to try and be patient with each other, with our children.

My classes have been operating with Google Classroom since the beginning of the year, so this should be an easier transition than some of the other classes.

I’d like students to check-in every morning on Google Classroom, and to check their school gmail account daily, M-F. We have two weeks until the end of the quarter, and ONE week until the deadline for all Q3 late/resubmitted work.

Communication between you/your child and me can take place through email, Remind, Classcraft, and Google Classroom. I’m happy to help if there are any tech questions, or homework questions. If you’re not signed up for any of these. let me know and I’ll send you the necessary information. Please be specific about your child’s name and the period/class they’re in.

I’ve spoken with students about the risks we are facing, and while we all hope this doesn’t last long and that it doesn’t affect us very much, we should be prepared. I’ve instructed students to have conversations with their family about quarantining themselves to stay safe, about washing hands throughout the day and any time you leave the house.

I’ve also spoke to students about the possibility that this time away is extended. The district has not mentioned in any way that this may happen, but from reading what’s taking place in many countries this is affecting, three weeks doesn’t seem to be enough time for this pandemic to end.

Please let me know if there is any support I may give. If you are running out of supplies, I can reach out to other parents to see if anyone can help. If you MUST go to work, and there is no one to watch your child, I can reach out and see if any other parents are able to help. 

Let’s remember that we are a community. My thoughts are with you all, and I’m thinking about every one of your children and their safety. 
With hope and love for a better tomorrow,

Caleb Owens

ELA, Film & Multimedia Teacher


Hercules Middle School

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