Hello to all my parents and students and readers,

Q3 is ending soon!!!!

Can you believe it? The school year just zooms bye. Here are a few updates on classes and the direction we’ll be taking as we leave Q3 and head into Q4.

The Elders – 8th grade

We’re just getting into the nuts and bolts of our poetry essay. Students chose a poem from one of the poets on the list:

Walt Whitman
William Carlos Williams
Carl Sandburg
Edgar Lee Masters
e.e. Cummings
Maya Angelou
Langston Hughes
Gwendolyn Brooks
Robert Frost
Paul Lawrence Dunbar
Emily Dickinson
Claude McKay
Edwin Arlington Robinson
Edna St. Vincent Millay
William Carlos Williams
Nikki Giovanni

Students then analyzed that poem for a theme. At this point, students are doing research on their chosen poet and they’re trying to find some kind of connection between the poem and the author.

We’ll take this through to the end of Q3 and into Q4. In Q4 we’ll do short projects and work assignments since 8th graders have a lot of activities and stress at the end of their LAST YEAR AS A MIDDLE SCHOOLER!

The After Schoolers & the End of Dayers – 6th grade

Students are still reading the “The Lightning Thief.” We’re doing a lot of fun activities along the way and checking for comprehension. We’ll watch the movie afterwards, if possible, and have a short writing assignment.

NEXT, students will jump into some creative writing. Students will be designing their own tabletop roll playing game. There will be character creation, setting development, story-line and plot writing, how-to direction writing, and loads of fun and creativity.

This project should take us through the end of the year.

Film and Multimedia – year 1 & 2

Year one students are finishing the blogging unit at the end of the quarter. This week and next, each post will be scored for grammar and formatting.

In Q4, students will jump into the exciting world of podcasting and online radio. Students will work in teams throughout the quarter, they’ll produce a series of shows which we’ll broadcast and publish online.

Year two students are continuing their work in their selected fields. This semester two students did chose to start an online radio channel. When we get it up and running, I’ll share the link and parents can listen to live broadcasts, even call in and participate.

Don’t forget to subscribe to the HMS Productions YouTube home page.

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