Year after year, all of the teachers are analyzing standardized test scores from the previous year to see what areas we need improvement. Everywhere, that’s where we need improvement. There’s always room for improvement, am I right?

Let me be clear, that’s improvement on OUR end. We are striving to find new and effective ways to reach students and make learning fun and rigorous. It may seem simple, I assure it is not.

One specific area has constantly had low scores. LISTENING! Yes, the skill of listening and retaining information, being able to summarize, discuss, and formulate opinions based on what students are listening to. But, we’ve got a plan!

The plan is to use a program created by ListenWise.

Last week, ELA classes started using lessons from ListenWise. Let me give you a brief run down on what is involved.

  • First a new story/article is assigned to students each week.
  • The audio story can be listened to at normal pace or a slower pace, whichever the student is more comfortable with.
  • A transcript of the audio will be made available until the end of Feb. Further lessons will no longer include the transcript.
  • Each lesson includes a note taking portion to be completed WHILE students listen. Students provide evidence for these details.
  • Lastly, each lesson ends with questions which will check on basic comprehension of the story/article along with questions that dig a little deeper into the meaning and/or the opinion of the listener.

Leave a comment if you have any questions.

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