English classes need to double check the work they completed late or resubmitted and double check that I’ve updated the score on PowerSchool.

Every assignment was gone through on Tuesday and Wednesday, 10/15-10/16, to update scores but there are now a plethora of assignments with dates of completion before 10/14 that are showing up which weren’t there before.

I have until 10/23 to update and finalize the Q1 gradegbook. I’ll go back through assignments this weekend, but if parents and students would double check themselves then we can make sure all student work is accounted for.

AGAIN, double check the scores. DO NOT submit any Q1 work though, the deadline has passed.

Film and Multimedia

Year 1 and Youtubers are filming interviews on bullying. We’ll be putting together a completed video, app. 30 minutes long, about the issue. The video will be shown to the student body and published on YouTube. What students choose to share is voluntary. Please reach out and speak with me if issues arise, I understand this is a very delicate issue.

I fully understand how bullying affects students, I was bullied repeatedly throughout 5th grade through Freshman year in high school when we moved to another town. It’s devastating, it destroys our harmony in the world. Even today, remembering students pushing me into lockers during PE, or holding me underwater during PE class, following me after school, etc. builds up a lot of emotions for me.

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