The final date for all Quarter 1 late work and re-submission is MONDAY, OCT. 14th at MIDNIGHT.

There will be no exceptions. The quarter officially ends on Oct. 21, but I’ll need time to completely go through all of the quarter’s assignments to check and score them.

Beginning this week, Oct. 7th, all further assigned work will be part of the Quarter 2 grade. That way students have ample time to have their work scored, reviewed, and re-submitted if necessary.

BOOK JOURNALS – English Classes

All book journals are due by Oct. 18th at midnight. No late submissions will be accepted. The Book Journal assignment includes: a prediction before reading the book, ten book journal entries, and the culminating activity. All of these pieces can be found in the Book Journals Quest on Classcraft. Please read the instructions for each piece. Work not completed correctly will not be accepted.

Film and Multimedia

Film and Multimedia students Year 1 and Year 2 need to get their work turned in before the deadline above. This course is a Pathways course designed to educate students on the professional aspects of digital multimedia. In a professional atmosphere, not completing your work would grounds for dismissal. Students that end the quarter with a D or an F will be asked to leave the course. A request will be made with the front office to move your child to another elective course. Assignments build on prior work, there is a lot of very expensive equipment that we use, and there are important routines that need to be followed. The student work confirms that they’re able to handle these elements and without the work, I don’t know if they can.

So, students with a D or F at the end of Q1 will immediately be placed in a small group within my class and given tutorial time to work on assignments on other classes. They will be except from further Film and Multimedia lessons and projects.

Next, those students’ names will be given to the office to see if they can be placed in another elective course. This may not be possible for all students. If you or your child would like to change their elective, pleases contact the office immediately so you’re given first priority. Again, the office may still not be able to do it. Schedules are tight and there tends to be little wiggle room.

Students that can not be placed in another class will continue to use Film and Multimedia as a tutorial class to get work done for other classes. They will receive a grade based on their classroom behavior and their diligence in getting work done.

PARENTS can contact me if they’d like to schedule a conference to discuss other options. I’m willing to sit with parents and students for us to agree on terms for your child to again fully participate in Film and Multimedia. We will draw up a plan on what needs to take place on a case-by-case basis.

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