Spooktober is Upon Us

8th graders have started reading Lord of the Flies (that’s pretty spooky) and they’re finishing up chapter 2 at the moment.

6th graders are continuing to review short stories and articles. Each one will include a First Read and a Close Read, then a Blast! (I’m sure StudySync has trademarked that or something).

Film and Multimedia classes are moving along. Year one students just finished Ch. 3 of the Video textbook. They created their first storyboard and a short edited video on the premise that they “lost their backpack.”

Year 2 students are doing a variety of things. Short Film students are scouting locations for when they begin filming and they’ve started work on Mr. Morgan’s talk show (more on that when we understand what “that” is). YouTubers have been working with green screens this week to create happy/friendly videos which will be used for the No Place for Hate rally this month. Lastly, bloggers are now responsible for doing the announcements on Tuesday and Thursday over the intercom, as well as posting on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

I invite parents to come check out classes any time they’d like. We love visitors.

Lastly, we’re starting an AV Club at HMS. We’ll be maintaining the electronics used in Graphic Arts and Film & Multimedia, as well as delving into some basics of electronics. The first project I’m hoping to work on is to make smart watches from old Nokias. Contact me or comment if you’d like to help.

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