This week, classes have been moving right along.

Progress Reports were handed out and I’ve had a lot of parents emailing to follow up on comments made. I always appreciate the contact and I always remind parents that they can see exactly which assignments are missing by clicking on the letter grade on PowerSchool.

If an assignments is listed as missing, and your child is telling you that they turned it in… they’re probably RIGHT! But, it means that I’ve most likely returned it to them on Google Classroom, with comments on how to improve their work. Students can resubmit work at any time before the end of the quarter.

Today, we had a CLUB DRIVE!!!!!

At lunch today, teachers put out tables and introduced the clubs they’re running this year. I had a table set-up for Tobacco Use Prevention Education, which meets every Wednesday at lunch. I also put out a sign-up sheet to gauge interest in creating an Audio/Visual (AV) Club. Looks like we’ve got some students that want to be involved so I’ll get more information out about that later.

For the TUPE club, I’ll be out on Wednesday, 9/25, for a short conference on vaping. I’ll take that information and give some instruction to teachers and staff about vaping. If you or your child are interested in joining TUPE, the meetings are every Wednesday at lunch.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Next week, 8th graders will begin reading Lord of the Flies, 6th graders will jump into Unit 1, “Turning Points”, and the 1st year film students will be creating their first storyboard and film project.

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