4 Weeks Down, 33 Weeks to Go #GoodTimes @Hercules_Middle

Week four is complete, and what a week it was!

Back to School night was a great chance to meet many of my students’ parents and family. It’s always nice to see students in another element than just my class. You may not realize it, but many students behave very differently in class compared to how they behave around family and friends.

English classes jumped into StudySync this week. We took a look at annotation, what it is and how to do it. We looked at context clues and how they can help us define a word when we’re reading. We looked at some strategies for reading comprehension, including: visualization, reread, ask questions, responding, predicting, etc. We also jumped into our first formal reading, and with that we were able to practice our annotation skills. We’ll finish the reading (Tell-Tale Heart for 8th and Eleven for 6th) on Monday.

English classes also completed two journal entries this week. PLEASE check you child’s Classcraft quest to see their progress. The instructions are given under “Task” in the step “Journal Entries”. Your child should be able to navigate you to the quest and the task. Two journal entries should be completed by the end of this weekend.

Film and Multimedia classes are progressing very well, and I’m excited at the opportunities that are now available for year 2 students. A few things for year 2 students/parents:

  • YouTubers should be creating 2 videos each week. Each video needs to have an opening title and closing credits. We’ll work on creating more channel identification standards later. As of now, students should have an individualized YouTube channel header.
  • Bloggers are posting every Monday/Wednesday/Friday. Students can schedule posts for a later date. So, even if a student is absent or going to be absent in the future, those posts will still be required.
  • Short Film students are still working on their script ideas and we should get to writing in the next week or so.

Film and Multimedia Year 1 students are finishing up their work skills chapters and next week they’ll jump into Video: Digital Communication and Production. Students will have a work book to use during class, but it will not be assigned to them to take home.

I hope everyone has a great weekend, pleases contact me with any questions.

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