We’re starting to put together our blogs for year 2 students. Our focus originally was trying to find something unique for our blogs to touch on. This may same difficult, but if we remember that each of us are unique individuals it’s not too hard to find something for your blog.

Whatever topic you’re covering, what’s going to make it unique is that YOU’RE writing it. So, you’ve got to show who you are to your readers. They’ll want to make some sort of connection with you, with your writing. Maybe it’s hitting their funny bone how you talk about the newest games, maybe they really enjoy the opinions you have on some of the latest fashions, or maybe they’ll like your straight-forwardness.

Our voices are unique, sharing what we have to say, with integrity and professionalism, some originality and little humor – OK, A LOT of humor – will help bring readers to our blogs because they’ll see the value in what we have to say. It doesn’t happen over night though, unfortunately.

While we will continue to find our voice, we’ll also tackle our blog/web design. Since we’re not going into the HTML or coding at this time, we’re going to use the templates that we can find. Past that, we’ll pay attention to the overall look, the color palette, how busy our site looks, the fonts and sizes we’re using, etc.

Take a look at these sites and what they have to say about web/blog design. We’ll go over some of their points and positions on Tuesday.

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