Students are working on one of three projects:

Living the Good Life – Students explore what it means to live the good life. They’ll read a few short stories and conduct research using a couple nonfiction articles to explore what others have to say about the issue. Students will create two podcasts discussing their research and write an essay giving their opinion on what it means to live the good life.

Bully-Free Project – Students are reading “George” and using it as a point of origin for their own planning on how to make Hercules Middle School (or any place really) bully-free. Students will analyze character personality traits and write a short essay analyzing character development within the novel. Students will also create a plan of action, draft a letter to the school admin, and create a PSA highlighting their ideas on how to make this school bully-free.

From Story to Screen – Students choose their own novel that has been adapted to screen. They will read their novel taking notes on the major events and development points of the story. They will participate in Literature Circles discussing the themes, POV, and more of that novel. Students will also watch the screen version, taking notes on differences in how it’s portrayed. Then they’ll write a compare and contrast essay highlighting these differences and making a claim as to which was more powerful. Students will provide evidence to back up their claim. Students will also participate in a culminating Literature Circle.

These projects should be completed within three weeks of today if students are staying on track. That would leave nearly three weeks of SDL at the end of the year for students to catch up on any Power or Additional Focus Areas. They may even have time for targeted activities to bring up individual Cognitive Skill scores.

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