Happy Spring Break!

Students have earned a vacation. They’ve been working hard on project materials and the majority of students saw their grades go up significantly from their work. Congratulations!

Once we return, students will have a choice of which project they’d like to work on next. Students can choose between:

  • Living the Good Life
  • Bully-Free Project
  • From Story to Screen

Each of these are available to look over on the Summit Learning Platform. Go to the “Year” tab and look for the bubbles on the English timeline. When you click on each project bubble, there will be a Project Overview for you to review.

How to Decide on a project

I’ve got a few recommendations depending on how you’d like to choose. If you’d like to choose the easiest one, in my opinion, it’s the Living the Good Life project. But, there are more important factors to consider.

First, review Cognitive Skill Scores on the “Progress” tab. Using these scores, you could look for which project will cover those same Cognitive Skills. This will give students another chance to bring up any of those low scores.

Another way to choose is based on content. These are three very different subject matters, and maybe one of them speaks to the student more than others. Maybe appreciating what you have and thinking about what’s really important in life is something your child would like to reflect on; then they should choose Living the Good Life. Or if bullying is an important topic for them and they’d like to think about ways to stop bullying from happening, they should choose the Bully-Free Project. Lastly, if your child is interested in media and literature, they want to reflect more closely on audience and purpose of literature and film, then they should choose From Story to Screen.

These projects will be covered once students return, but you can get a jump on it now and help your child pick the best one.

Have a great Spring Break!

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