The Final Countdown Products

We’re coming to the Final Products of our project, Memoir of a Student.

Students are completing the following: two collages on the POV and the theme of “I Am Malala”, a memoir of their own, and an oral presentation. Let’s take a look at each one.

The two collages are first seen in Checkpoints 2 and 5, we’ll jump into #5 next week but they both work the same way. Students complete collage plan for each Checkpoint, then the collage itself is a Final Product. Students can complete the collages on paper or online using Paint, Google Draw, or whatever they find. Each collage will need to include the following: the theme or POV of “I Am Malala”, two quotes from the book that support the theme/POV, and an explanation for each quote explaining how it supports the theme/POV. There are no limitations or restrictions on how many pictures/illustrations can or should be included. For Spicy learners, or those that want to challenge themselves, there is the option on the collage plan to find a second theme or a sub-claim. If students complete the challenge, they’ll need to include a third quote and explanation to support their sub-claim.

For the memoirs, students are first completing their outlines in Checkpoint 3, then they’ll complete their first draft in Checkpoint 4. These need to be first person POV, and the student is writing about either an event, a person, or a thing in their life that was/is important to them for some reason. The outline asks for students to use the basic plot diagram to organize their story (Exposition, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, Resolution). Mild and Medium writers are given details about needs to be included for each plot section, while Spicy writers are challenged to write their outline without this information being given. Students have access to their Plot Workshops in Checkpoint 1 if they need to review. Mild writers will have three paragraphs in their memoir and Medium/Spicy writers will have five paragraphs in theirs.

Cultural Pluralism

The Oral Presentation will be using multimedia. Students will be completing a Google Slides presentation of their memoir, reading two passages from that memoir, and the answer to the following question: How can people’s experiences from around the world inspire our own memoir writing? Spicies also have a challenge for this Final Product. They’ll include a third collage for their own memoir, giving one quote and explanation of their theme. They will include this in their Oral Presentation slide show.

These Final Products are due on Mar. 22. We will finish the Checkpoints next week and have over a week to work on Final Products.

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