You’ve been working on your blog for months!

If you’ve stayed on track, you’ve written nearly 50 blog posts!

Generally, blog posts are given credit for being done with little to no review being done on the content of those posts. The reason for that is because everyone’s blog is different, has a different tone, voice, purpose, audience, etc. But, now we’re going to review blogs, top to bottom, and I’ll score everyone’s blog based on what Forbes magazine calls “The 8 Essential Elements of a Successful Blog Post”.

These elements will be reviewed in class. To help students with examples, here’s a list with links of some successful blogs.

What students need to submit for this assignment, their portfolio you might say, is the following:

  • Link to the front page of your blog – it should be ready for scoring. Layout, heading, subheading, widgets used, all of these components will be used to score your front page. (20 pts)
  • Link to three specific blog posts which will each be scored for readability, content, graphics/images included. (30pts)
  • A short description of the following: What’s the purpose of your blog, who is the audience for your blog, how do you feel that you’re effectively delivering (give details). (15 pts)
  • A letter of introduction for your blog that could be used to send out to other bloggers in order to cohost/cowrite a blog post. (20 pts)
  • Lastly, the links to three other blogs that are part of the same genre. For each link, you’ll need to explain what your blog is doing differently. (15 pts)

These elements will be included on a single email, due May 3, 2019.

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