We’ve completed Checkpoint 2 of Memoir of a Student, and students have planned their first collage. There will be a second collage planned in Checkpoint 4.

Today, students are working on their collages, either by hand or digitally, but there’ll be more time in class next and the following week. Students shouldn’t need to work on project assignments at home.

I’ve supplied construction paper, glue sticks, markers, scissors, and an assortment of magazines (I’ll take more if you’ve got them lying around). Hopefully, this project gives the students a little relief as it includes some arts & crafts and the majority of the work being done is reviewing prior Cognitive Skills. This also give students a chance to bring up those Cognitive Skills that were scored before.

This project will be due on Mar. 22, providing waaaaaaaaaaay more time than necessary. For students that complete this early (I’ll let them know when that’s possible), they’ll have the option to begin the next project early. We’re going to switch up the next project, and students will have some options as to what they’ll do next.

Keep on truckin’!


  1. Hello Mr. Owens. Thank you for the message regarding the collage project. Are students working on these individually or in teams/groups? Are there any other assignments or projects due or in progress at this time?


    1. Hello, great questions! These are individual collages, there will be two total for the Final Products. Students will also be writing a memoir and doing an oral presentation, but we haven’t covered those two yet.


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