We’ve completed Exploring Poetry and yesterday we got started on our next project, Memoir of a Student. Take a few moments to review the Project Overview and the Final Products with your child. We’ve done this together in class, but it’s helpful if parents see the road ahead too.

In this project, students will learn about the inspiring and amazing true story of one of bravest individuals I’ve ever read about, Malala Yousafzai. Parents, if you haven’t read about Malala’s journey, take a little time to check her and the Malala Fund out. They’re doing incredible things.

For our students, we’re going to take this journey of Malala’s in its written form and use it to learn about writing our own stories. Students will focus on the following:

Reading about people from other cultures can help us better understand our world and empathize with the different experiences of others.

Memoir is a form of writing that includes both storytelling and biography. In a memoir, you get to share your story in your own voice.

Our diverse cultures and experiences can create differences in point of view and values but it can also reveal universal values and shared experiences.


This project is tentatively due on March 22, 2019. Let’s go!

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