There are so many amazing clubs on campus, students are doing some wonderful things. Please pick a club to do a documentary on. Speak with the adviser of that club to ensure they’d like to have a video created about their work. The guidelines for the video are as follow:

  • Minimum of 3 minutes from start to finish (10pts)
  • Title frame in the beginning, credits given at the end for all participates in the film (10pts)
  • Editing – make sure the film flows from one frame to the next, there should be no extra superfluous footage or wasted space. (20pts)
  • Sound, make sure that audio is clear. Microphones and equipment are available, but students can use cell phones. Voice-overs are always an option. (10pts)

Within the video, groups need to define and explain what the club does. Give examples of their work. Interview students within the club. Interview the adviser of the club. What’s the purpose of the club?


Ask the following questions in interviews:

  • How long has the club been active at Hercules Middle School?
  • What’s the purpose of ______ club?
  • Why do you think this club is important?
  • What would say to a student that was interested in joining the club?

Make sure to check in with me about which club you’ll be covering. I’ll list those groups that have been approved a club below.

Due Dec. 21, 2018.

Tommy’s crew – Tobacco Use Prevention Club

Tyra’s crew – Girls Basketball Team

Jonah’s crew – Mafinikio

Luna’s crew – World of Dragons

Alicya’s crew – GSA


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