The school year is moving right along, and I try to communicate with parents as much asHealer_Mage_Seeker_C possible. One of the best ways to keep up on what’s happening is to get your parent code and sign up for Classcraft! If you’d like more information about what gamification of the classroom involves, click here.

Here’s what I’ve sent out so far:

Alright, we’re into our fourth week and students are getting the hang of Summit Learning. In English, we’ve started reading “Holes” and by Friday or over the weekend, students should have read up through chapter 5. They’ll have lots of time in class on Thursday and Friday, so that shouldn’t be a problem for them to complete in class. While students are reading, they have an online Book Journal which we’ll review Wednesday. I’d like students to be keeping track of their reading through that Book Journal in Checkpoint 2 of Stories and Storyboards. The Book Journal asks students to write a brief summary of what took place in their reading that day, for them to find a meaningful quote from their reading, and then to do one of the following: make a personal connection with the quote, make a prediction about what’s going to happen later in the novel based on the quote, or to Analyze the quote for any hidden meanings or descriptions.

09/11/2018 @ 10:46 AM

Students completed the first Checkpoint in Stories in Storyboards yesterday in class. Check to see if your child has one of the following: a notice that they’ve submitted their work for feedback (I should finish giving feedback by tomorrow), or the Checkpoint has been give a Green, Yellow, or Red color. Green means everything looks great. Yellow means that I’ve given comments on the assignment that the student needs to look at, then resubmit for feedback again. Red means that there’s a misunderstanding of the assignment or it was not completed and the student needs to come speak with me directly either during class if time is available or at lunch.

Students should continue to read Holes, reaching chapter 12 by this weekend and completing the Book Journal up through Day/Chapter 12 by Monday. Time has been given in class and there will be another day of work given to them on Friday. Checkpoint 2, the Book Journal will be completed in class on Monday 9/24.

09/18/2018 @ 9:01 AM

Students are finishing a Selection of Evidence Workshop in class, but it is homework if it wasn’t finished. There are a few students that were able to test out of doing the workshop, about ten students from all my classes combined. Tomorrow students will be working on their Book Journal (mild), and I’d like students to completed Healer_seekerthrough Day 12 on Monday. They’ll have time in class Monday, but they should be nearly finished when they arrive in class. Checkpoint 2 will be submitted then for feedback, and we’ll begin Checkpoint 3 on Wednesday of next week. I’m nearly finished with feedback from Checkpoint 1. Students can resubmit Checkpoints if they’d like, but it is not mandatory.

We’re onto Checkpoint 3, students are completing the Theme Workshop. Workshops are designed for students to take notes, work with their team on finding information, all at their own pace. The answers are always there in the workshop, usually in order with the questions. Team Planning will begin tomorrow and students will begin figuring out which part of the book they’ll focus on for their Final Products. Students should have read up through chapter 20, time has been given in class, but students may need to read at home. By middle of next week, students should have read up through chapter 30. We’ll finish the book in three weeks, then focus on Final Products.

10/02/2018 @ 9:00 AM

logoHello Parents! We’ve moved onto Checkpoint 4, Beat Sheet. Checkpoint three is very important and it needs to be green before students can proceed. The focus of Checkpoint 3 activity is to solidify the theme that students found in the episode (section of the plot) they’re covering. This theme will be important in completing the remaining checkpoints and the Final Products.

The Beat Sheet Checkpoint will essentially act as an outline for the Final Products. The information collected there will provide the necessary components for students to complete the Storyboard and the Letter to the Director.

While there are a few students that aren’t using Classcraft, the majority are and therefore the parents are welcome to sign up!

*If you like the images, there’s more. Click here to browse all the different settings, characters, pets, etc.

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