christmas-starOur first film assignment! christmas-star

Soon, Hercules Middle School will be giving students instruction on digital citizenship. That instructional lessons, created by Common Sense Education, will be on one of the following:

Digital Life 101

Cyberbullying: Be Upstanding

What your assignment is, if you choose to accept it (if you’d like a passing grade), is to create a short video to support one of these lessons.

  1. Your video can be filmed on any camera device. You can edit it using any editing software you’d like. I have Adobe Premiere Pro here in the classroom, but you may prefer something more simplistic like Windows Movie Maker or something on your cellphone.

  2. You may work in groups of 3-4 students. Students will all share the same grade regardless of how much work they did within the group, so choose your partners carefully.

  3. Your video must include a TITLE shot in the beginning of the video to be accepted.

  4. Your video needs to be between 1-2 minutes. You’ll lose 10% of the score if it is under or over that time.

  5. Your video needs to stay on topic to whichever lesson you’re using.

Your fellow students will be watching these videos. Make sure you’re completing work that you’d be proud to show them. There are no specific shots or locations required. There are no specific guidelines on what the content needs to be. Here are some ideas:

*A short video explain part of the lesson

*A video explaining how important these lessons are

*A short skit showing the topic of the lesson

I’m open to ideas, so if your team comes up with something let me know.

DUE OCT. 8, 2018

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