The World of Dragons is an academic club at Hercules Middle School that focuses on dragon and warriortabletop roll playing games (RPGs). Many RPGs are expensive and buying a single copy of the player’s guide could cost anywhere between $20-75 for a single game. Then if you include expansion packs like Dungeon & Dragons 5th edition (DnD 5e) the costs jump into the hundreds very quickly.  There are also a number of games available in Pdf format online, and by purchasing a spiral bookbinding machine and printing materials we can print these games out and offer them to students.

Please help spread the word or make a small donation (or a large one), to the GoFundMe campaign, World of Dragons Middle School Club.

This is the end of the second year for the World of Dragons and our numbers have 09grown. We have approximately twenty students that come by to participate in campaigns, create characters, and unplug. Roll playing games focus on storytelling. A Game Master (GM) creates the scene but the players are protagonists and authors of the story. The literary tradition of oral storytelling has existed for centuries before written literature.  These students, and the thousands (maybe even dozens) of players world wide, continue to explore interesting ways to tell stories using this tradition.

Please, share the link, share this post, or make a small (or large) donation to help the World of Dragons continue in the new academic school year.

Thank you.

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